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The Day my Life Changed

How much are you willing to give up? What are you willing to risk? Where are you willing to start? I never fully understood what sacrifice meant for a long time. And what does opportunity risk actually feel like? Well, it seems what they say is true…. the larger the risk, the larger the reward! […]
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Dealing with Loss | Loss of Life | Loss of Relationships | Loss of Identity

Introduction to this Post It’s been 3 months since I left my home in South Africa. I haven’t posted for a while. My laptop was a mess, my mind was all over the place and I just didn’t want to.  This post is not about a specific place and my experiences there. This post won’t […]
Switzerland Feature

Travelling through Switzerland

So today I planned to sit down at my laptop and write my blog about my time in Switzerland, the prettiest country I have been so far and a definite favourite. (I clearly have expensive taste because this country is pricey as heck!) Much to my dismay, my charger stopped working and my battery was […]
A view of Valletta, Malta from Gzira, Malta

Malta in a Week

Leaving Italy was bittersweet but Malta welcomed me with open arms! Also, always a win when the locals can speak English (main languages include Maltese, English and Italian). Flying over the Mediterranean was such a win! The skies were so clear. I could see everything. From the land to the sea to the boats and […]
The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

How to do Rome in a Day

For years I felt like I had this calling to go back to Rome. I had gone there as a kid with my high school and absolutely fell in love with the place. Now, 12 years later, I finally made it! I was pretty fortunate to have my English speaking cousin, Aurora, with me to […]
Family love, a sunset walk with Aurora in Artena, Italy

Makeup, Sunset and Shopping in Artena, Italy

I decided to put a few days together in this post. Monday to Thursday in Artena including makeup, a sunset walk and shopping. And of course… more food! Monday You may have read in the previous post that this was the day my cousin Aurora and I had planned to go to Rome. So, that […]
Santa Croce Church in Artena, Italy

First Sunday – Reflection, Food and More Cousins

My first Sunday in Italy moved my spirit and filled my belly! From a breakfast of cake, mass at Santa Croce, lunch of quails and meeting of more cousins, it was a pretty fun filled day. Sunday Breakfast I woke up to my host cousin telling me to have something very light for breakfast as we […]
Statue of the Madonna in Artena, Italy

Italy Day 2 – The Processione Madonna delle Grazie

I am writing 2 posts in 1 day because I don’t want to forget anything while here in Artena, Italy! Day 2 started with a trip to the cemetery. As my family on my mother’s side is originally from Artena, many of my deceased relatives are buried here. We drove up and up to the top […]
South African Italian in Europe

Travel Diary – My First Full Day in Italy

Ok, so I have a bit of catching up to do on my travel diary. Every day has been so busy, I haven’t had a moment to post! I am absolutely loving this journey of mine! Let’s start with day one of my travel journey. Friday. So I was looking through my pictures trying to […]
Travelling from Johannesburg to Rome

Travelling the First Leg – Johannesburg to Rome

Travelling from Johannesburg, South Africa to Rome, Italy… Alone! I arrived at Johannesburg International Airport, thinking I would have loads of time to relax, have a drink, and prepare myself mentally for the flight. Boy, was I wrong! I had 30 minutes to say my goodbyes and had to rush into the queue for immigration […]
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